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What is an anti-stress massage like?

Due to the demanding lifestyle that we live today, the responsibilities, problems and issues that we must face, both physically and mentally we suffer a natural automatic response of the body due to excessive overload and sustained over time, stress, bad of modern times and

that can lead to back pain, muscle contractions, headache or anxiety among other symptoms. This is nothing more than a warning that we must lower the level of self-demand and try to calm the mind.

The body responds to routine and stress by contracting our muscles, causing back pain, neck pain, and headaches, warning us that we must lower our levels of self-demand and pay attention to recurring thoughts. The anti-stress massage is an immediate solution to this response, since it works the muscles in a deep and slow way, restoring the feeling of balance and well-being to the body, with a combination of soft passes at the skin level, to distract the central nervous system. .

With this massage we will pamper the body and soul. The anti-stress massage consists of bringing the body and mind to a state of calm and deep disconnection, creating a space that induces flow. With ambient music and with slow, smooth and harmonious passages we will achieve the sensation of tranquility and peace that we need and that is so difficult to achieve today; through sensory stimulation without pain, which will increase the production of endorphins.

It is applied to the whole body with emphasis on the back and the lower part of the neck slowly, with slow and long movements but with firm and progressive pressure, with the aim of discharging accumulated stress and tension. It includes facial and cranial massage, which are sensitive energy points, where a lot of tension accumulates and it is very relaxing to massage them. This relaxing anti-stress massage allows us to find that moment of peace in our being and reconnect with our own well-being.

All this generates the following benefits: Deep relaxation Release of muscle tension. Release of mental tension. Recovery of general balance. Sensation of rest: This is the greatest benefit, receiving this type of massage at the end of the day helps us rest much better, even making it easier for us to fall asleep and make it restful. It will also facilitate cell regeneration, since we will reach the deep phase of sleep and we will wake up more rested and in better spirits.

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