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Why get a massage and which one do I need?

A massage is probably the oldest therapeutic method of humanity and, despite the passing of the years, it is still very beneficial as a treatment for physical pain or for relaxation.

The massage stimulates muscle action and, in turn, increases and improves lymphatic and venous circulation, promoting the elimination of waste or toxins from the body. In addition, it is the best method to relieve muscle fatigue due to stress, excessive exercise or tiredness.

Massages are effective when seeking to eliminate back or neck pain, for areas with muscle contractures, injuries or any muscular discomfort that can be caused by poor posture, repetitive movements or excessive effort.

Physiologically, the effects produced by massage in the body are, among others: increased temperature, activation of circulation, stimulation of tissue nutrition, reduction of edema, sedation, muscle relaxation, release of adhesions and improves muscle metabolism.

Similarly, they help improve the appearance of the skin in general, reduce inflammation and improve wound healing. slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure; therefore, the person experiences a sense of calm and tranquility. Finally, it strengthens the immune system by promoting a feeling of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Stress is another of the enemies that can be eliminated with therapeutic treatments. The daily rhythm of life of a common citizen usually generates a lot of stress that accumulates and, with it, certain discomforts are generated that can later lead to more serious problems.

Massages are, without a doubt, a relaxing and therapeutic experience. To achieve the real effects and benefits they bring to the body, mind and spirit, it is necessary to know what type of massage is required and receive it from an expert in this field. The areas that require the greatest number of massages are the neck, back and waist. In this sense, stress and nerves affect especially the neck and back. The waist, on the other hand, is more affected by bad movements or carrying inadequate weights. In the case of sports, the legs are the most loaded.

The place should be quiet, with dim lighting and air conditioning. Also, it is good to talk with the therapist about what you like. For example, if you want music or a special aroma.

I, Miguel Angel, from my office at Holistic Massage Valencia, will be attentive to your suggestions and tastes.

You already know the benefits of massage for the health of the body and how pleasant a session can be. In other blog articles, you will find a detailed explanation about the different types of massages that I apply. So, come to my office to give your body a massage that revitalizes it and makes you feel better.

Book a session with me and see the benefits of a good massage!

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